Jane & Mark – Oct 1, 2011

Today was a good example of hoping for the best but planning for the worst. The weather forecasts  the preceding few days had been in  a state of flux making it difficult to plan details. First it was supposed to be party cloudy but windy, then it changed to maybe a chance of rain and windy, then it appeared that it was going to be cloudy, windy, cold with rain and on and on it went. This was not the type of weather forecast you want to hear when you are planning a lakeside wedding ceremony. As it turns out, we got all of that; cloudy, rainy, windy and chilly. The thing is, if you plan accordingly, everything works out. The Fontainebleau Inn not only had all the bases covered, but spirits were still high even though the weather was not ideal.

Ultimately, the Fontainebleau Inn shines in inclement as well as perfect weather. It was actually quite beautiful to see the muted Autumn colors, mist and wind while the ceremony was taking place underneath the tented patio. Once the ceremony ended, the chairs were cleared, tables were set up, the tent sides were rolled down, heaters turned on and a nice atmosphere for cocktail hour was created.   

We had formal introductions after the cocktail hour, followed by the Bride and Groom first dance (At Last – Etta James.) A series of toasts were given and then a scrumptions meal was presented by Word of Mouth catering. Jon Reis was the photographer for the day.

It was just a bit chilly so a decision was made to move the dancing to the banquet room instead of the tented patio. It took a few minutes to quickly move the sound equipment into the new location but as soon as that was done, the dancing began and continued the remainder of the evening. There was another formal dance for Mark and his Mother and they danced to “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” by Israel K. After that, open dancing continued and it was a FUN time enjoyed by all.

Jane and Mark, you were one of the most relaxed couples I’ve had the pleasure of working with. I’m happy to  have been a part of your special day and hope you enjoy the rest of the photos I took.